Marketing Solutions with an Impact

​​Increase sales through effective marketing

In order to properly market a website you have to start with the design. Equally important to is define the right target audience. Then target this audience with accurate information and on-line marketing techniques that have proven to provide fresh visitors and increase customer retention.

A strong strategy is the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Prime Design Solutions can help you map an effective marketing and public relations strategy for your overall brand, or for just a particular product or service you offer. No matter what scope of planning you need, we have the experience to meet your needs.

Let’s combine our team’s years of marketing experience with your expertise in what your company offers — and get results.


Strategy is the driving force behind every digital marketing effort.

No matter how much you want it to, a car will not move until

you know to press the brake, fire the engine, shift the transmission into drive, and hit the gas pedal. This process is so simple that you don’t even think about it anymore. We have crafted customized solutions for hundreds of clients in the decade plus we’ve been around. In other words, we know our stuff – just like you know how to drive your car.

Website Marketing

Our Complete Website Marketing Service offers a unique way to create, increase and optimize website traffic. We analyze your website and client base to understand its overall marketing impact through natural search, social media, newsletter subscriber retention and advertising campaigns. We prioritize marketing issues and address these issues in order of importance. This allows us to utilize our marketing efforts to create the quickest, most accurate, and cost effective marketing solutions.

Sponsored Search / Adwords

Pay per click advertising is the fastest method to get your site at the top of the search engines. It contains a robust online information center that allows you to view the progress of your online advertising campaign and understand the traffic that your advertising creates. We professionally monitor and adjust your ad campaigns while you monitor our progress. You dictate your monthly budget and this can be adjusted at anytime.

E-mail Newsletters

We offer press release services which help get the word out to many potential customers. Press releases help everyone know what your company is all about and what you have to offer. They are one of the best marketing tools to help make your company well-known and, in turn, bring many customers to your website.

Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a program developed by the USPS that focuses purely on geo-targeting (targeting consumers based on where they live and work), enabling businesses to send non-personalized marketing pieces without having to print specific names or addresses on that mail piece.

Social Media

Social Media can thrust a company or brand into a world of sales and communication. Understanding which social media environment works best (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube…etc. ) for your business will replay on target audience determinations and time or budget restraints.

E-mail Marketing

Opt-in email marketing can target your current customer base as well as potential customers, keeping them engaged with your company’s message. That way, you can make sure your customers and prospects are always informed of industry happenings, highlighted services or seasonal promotions.


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