Event and Product Photography

In addition to our web design and marketing services, our company Sunlight Media is also available for Product Photography. We offer years of expertise in proper color, lighting, and framing, as well as creative direction. Improve the branding and visual presentation of your company by having us handle product photography for your next big product launch.

While the mechanics of point-and-click photography is relatively simple, there is a world of difference between a casual snapshot and a professionally-shot photo. Professional-quality photography can mean the difference between making a lasting impression on people and turning away would-be customers. The level of professionalism of your product photos is very often the most important deciding factor for whether or not your customers will want to purchase from you.



Event coverage, Music Videos and Talk Shows.

In addition to our web design and digital marketing services, here at Avaron Marketing we also offer full-service Video Production for both commercial and non-commercial use. Take advantage of our expertise and let your brand stand out from the crowd.

Video is arguably the most effective medium for strengthening your brand and disseminating useful information. If the age-old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, how much more is a video worth? With shorter attention spans and people having less patience for reading long text content, video has the capability of getting your message across as succinctly and yet detailed as possible – much more so than what text or images have to offer.

Some of the components of Video Production that we offer include:

  • Planning of the video content
  • Copy/Script-writing
  • Shooting of the actual video
  • Editing
  • Audio mixing
  • Post-Processing Effects
  • Writing of video description/title for maximum visibility