We optimize for all major search engines and search directories.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial aspect of marketing a website online. It involves research analysis and advanced knowledge of ever changing algorithms. In order to properly engage your website with search engines we must start with a few critical objectives.

1. Meta-Tag Research

Reviewing your current online exposure and that of your competitors through meta-tags found in the back-end or html coding of your website. Creating a list of keywords and phrases relative to your target audiences.

2. Analytics

Google Analytics goes a long way in understanding where your traffic comes from and why. It reflects the search terms that are used to find your site from multiple sources, quantifies advertising and referral activity, tracks ecommerce revenue and can validate project goals and website conversions.

3. Webmaster Tools

This is a must have when it comes to understanding how Google views the content, meta-tags and structure of your website. Insights from Google offer advice on how it perceives your website so appropriate changes can be made.

4. Sitemap Generation

Creating sitemaps, both html and XML, offer an inside access point for search engines to understand content modification or how frequently you change content.